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(no subject) [Feb. 7th, 2009|09:30 pm]

I wonder how he would react if he could travel in time and meet himself as a puppy.
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A rare thought [Feb. 6th, 2009|11:58 pm]
Some things have came to surface in my mind that haven't been in quite some time. The words of a friend of mine named Eric, and our gym room shit chats. I only knew Eric for about five days and haven't seen or heard from him since, but one of the teachings of his has been ringing out in my mind tonight. The one about the the pool tables, and why everyone was where we were. I'd thought he was full on sociopathic at the time, but I always felt that he knew of what he was speaking.
I'm pretty sure he was on to something. Something keenly important to the state of human life.
A part of me really wants to track him down and find out what he's been up to. But I know it's best to just leave the memory intact and let the time I did get to spend there speak for itself.

There've been quite a few great people who've taught me many great things. Let's see if I can give them all one back, huh?
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(no subject) [Jan. 31st, 2009|02:45 pm]

Of everything that's gone on in the last little while, this is by far the most important and awesome. I finally have another day to spend with my dog, and that's what I'm gonna go do. Y'all take care!
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took that test everyone has been doing [Dec. 9th, 2008|10:01 pm]

also, if interested, http://typelogic.com/pairs.html
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(no subject) [Sep. 29th, 2008|04:11 pm]
You guys,

Congress just accidentally the WHOLE BAILOUT! Is this bad?
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(no subject) [May. 6th, 2008|09:05 pm]

So I was wondering lately what Hilary Clinton's plan for health care is. I don't watch much tv, so to Google, I descended. What I found was basically a midget with two broken legs jumping for a cookie suspended six feet in the air. In others words, if you're sick and don't have money already, you better hope that Hilary's "midget ladder" tax break is over two feet tall.
Still with me? Good. Have a cookie.
Now, Obama on the other hand has a very similar plan. Give federal subsidies to those who need it for health care. The difference is, in the Obamaverse, you don't have two broken legs.
Most descriptions of Hilary's plan compare the mandate for health insurance to state mandates for auto insurance. Can't afford auto insurance? No AUTO. Can't afford health insurance? No HEALTH (remember... midget... approximately one dollar income per inch of height). If you get caught driving without insurance, what happens? Your car gets impounded and you get yet another fee to throw in the oven. By now, the cookies might as well be burnt to a crisp. So what happens if you get caught LIVING without health insurance? What, YOU get impounded? More fees? Is there going to be a federal subsidy for whatever penalty you get for not having benefited enough from the first subsidy? I'm so confused, I'm not even hungry anymore.

This year, I'm voting for
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norly now, about that party... [Mar. 24th, 2008|12:47 pm]

^ me any time there's a high proof alcohol around

I got the JOYFUL OPPORTUNITY to chase drunkenly around the block, a black lab chow mix by the name of Burdick after letting him off his tether from taking a shit. Instead of just going straight into the house like every other time I do that, he decides that it is, in fact, quarter past PLAY TIME, and that we better dick around in the backyard for as long as possible to make up for it. So after trying to corner him and bring him inside for a while, he slips past me, out to the sidewalk. We live on a main road, by the way, so the street functions as a waffle maker for dogs. So I walk towards him, trying not to run and instigate MOAR PLAYTIEM!!!/1, but it fails, and he trots off down the sidewalk and around the corner. So I take to a slight jog.
At this point I should mention that not only have I had almost half of a fifth of the aforementioned beverage, but I've been coughing up green shit for almost two months.
So he sniffs out every porch that he passes, and finally gets to one with a really narrow clearing in the gate, at which point I use my tactical superiority (read: opposable thumb) to snag him in a near baseball-slide maneuver, and secure his collar in my right hand. So we walk home, him thinking GOOD GAME LAWL, me thinking, "you shithead, I can barely breath and don't have a free hand for my inhaler. Fuck"!
Cut to the inside of the house, everyone saying, "where were you? You missed the chicks grinding on each other! FAIL YOU".

So... that was a long story to've been summarized by the first sentence alone.
Will try again with party story later.
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Party picture! [Mar. 24th, 2008|12:25 pm]
So, I got a hold of Jessie's camera. I don't have time for a real text update right now, but here's a picture from the party:


Hope none of the people involved will be too pissed at me for posting it.

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C8H10N4O2 + C2H5OH [Mar. 23rd, 2008|12:47 pm]
Last night was lots of fun. Caffeine and alcohol, a social and energetic Steve doth make. Joe, Sue, Jess, Bill, Jessie and I (henceforth referred to as "we") watched Death at a Funeral. Great movie; lots of gratuitous midget shots.
... and "midget shots" we did take! Jess has a more person-by-person report on her journal. Shit was fun. It's been longer than I can remember since the whole house has been together and having fun like that. One person or another is always gone for some reason, usually work.

Argh. You know, I have some things I need to take care of right now. I'll try and write more later, on my computer. Probably be more comfortable and subsequently wordy up there.
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(no subject) [Mar. 16th, 2008|02:35 pm]
[Music |boyz in the hood (dynamite hack)]

Woke up quick at about noon, just thought that I had to be in Compton soon...

norly though, I'll start updating more. Promise.
Lately I've been alright. Bipolar at best, really. Some days are great, I know I'm in the right place and everything will work out. Other days, I don't get out of bed much and am dead on convinced that my insurance is going to lapse, my body is going to slowly rot and turn into potatoes, and I will forever be no more than a high school dropout. Uuuuggghhhh.

I don't have a job yet. I need to get school all set up and buttered soon, and am getting my next surgery ASAP (which could be months for all the fuck I know), so work seems like a very distant goal, though a drastically important one, as I have no money for things like groceries and perscriptions.

Gotta depart for now. More at 9!
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